Vision II Theatre
About Us

The Chariton Vision II Theatre is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing low cost entertainment to the citizens of Chariton, Lucas County and surrounding areas.  Our $3.00 ticket price and reasonably priced concessions make it a great place to bring the whole family. Not only can you enjoy first run movies without breaking the bank, but all profits are used toward projects that will grow and enhance our community.

As of November 2010 we are able to show 3D movies thanks to the purchase of a new digital projector.  Our 3D movie prices are $5 a ticket.  The upcharge is due to extra fees that we have to pay to RealD, glasses are available free of charge.

The Chariton Vision II Theatre is open 365 days a year (yes, even on Christmas). See our Home Page for what is showing now and the hours for each feature.  We are, also, available during our "non-show" hours for special showings and parties. 

If you might be interested in hosting your next party at the theater, please call me at 774-4063 for more information.

Listed below are some of the projects supported by the theater through donations and grants: 

The Bingham Park tennis courts - $20,000.

Little Charger Football - $2,000.     

Rotary Club of Chariton frisbee golf course - $1,000.

Russell School  - $500.

Lucas County Arts Council (for Freight House) - $1,000.

Scholarships (2 given yearly) - $1,000 each.

Girls Softball fields - $20,000.

SOAR labyrinth project - $1,000.

Inter-church Council/Carpenter's Hall - $4,000.

CMS and CHS (for skateboard racks) - $1,200.

Columbus School - $2,000.

LCHC Senior Lifeline Program - $3,000.

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